Your Plan

We offer flexible monthly subscriptions based on the number of caseworkers, managers, and system administrators in your organization.

Choose from the following three plans based on your customization and storage needs.


$29mo (per user)

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  • BronzeTechnical support
  • BronzeCustomization
  • Bronze2GB Storage (per user)
  • BronzeCases - Comprehensive records
  • BronzeWorkflow & Forms – Configurable UI
  • BronzeReporting – Prebuilt & custom
  • BronzeDashboard – Configurable KPIs
  • BronzeMulti-language – Translated UI
  • BronzeExport – Export of records
  • BronzeImport – Import of records

Silver (most popular)

$49mo (per user)

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  • SilverTechnical support
  • SilverCustomization
  • Silver10GB Storage (per user)
  • SilverCases - Comprehensive records
  • SilverWorkflow & Forms – Configurable UI
  • SilverReporting – Prebuilt & custom
  • SilverDashboard – Configurable KPIs
  • SilverMulti-language – Translated UI
  • SilverExport – Export of records
  • SilverImport – Import of records


$69mo (per user)

Get Started

  • GoldTechnical support
  • GoldCustomization
  • Gold30GB Storage (per user)
  • GoldCases - Comprehensive records
  • GoldWorkflow & Forms – Configurable UI
  • GoldReporting – Prebuilt & custom
  • GoldDashboard – Configurable KPIs
  • GoldMulti-language – Translated UI
  • GoldExport – Export of records
  • GoldImport – Import of records
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For Salus to provide always-on case management and reliable support, our plans are based on the following terms.

24-month agreement that can be canceled at any time.

All plans include remote training for case workers, managers, and administrators.

All plans include unlimited email support for your administrators.

Configuration cost for Tier 1 is $2,000 for a standard configuration for your specialty.

Configuration cost for Tier 2 and 3 depends on the number of custom forms and reports

Any customization, such as integration with a 3rd-party application is a separate cost

Photograph of the Salus development team in Salus CM Boston office.

Your Data

Salus wants to be a trusted and long-term partner for case management.Yet, we believe that no organization should be locked into a single solution. Our system therefore supports a full export of all case and incident records to a generic format to support data archival or transitioning to a new case management system.

Salus complies with all applicable US data protection statutes, including HIPAA and the NIST Cyber Security Framework. For organizations in Canada, the European Union, and other countries, we support data residency and data processing requirements using a cloud-based infrastructure located in Canada or the EU. These services conform to applicable data protection laws including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).