Better Tools for Better Outcomes

Salus provides cloud-based case management that enables organizations delivering social services to better track, act, and report on their mission-driven work.

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Salus in Action

Case Management

Transforms Lives

Every day 2.8M social services professionals work to improve constituents’ lives.

Yet, a dropped case, a missed referral, an appointment missed can make the difference.

At Salus, we believe that better tools for case management will enable better outcomes for the individuals and families most in need.

Photograph of the Salus development team in Salus CM Boston office.


Delivered by Salus

Image of Salus report graphs.

We provide a comprehensive case management solution for any social, health, and human services provider.

Based on Primero™, originally developed for UNICEF and used in over 60 countries, our solution can support any provider.

Salus offers rapid onboarding based on sector-specific configuration and flexible per user per month plans to ensure the right fit for your case management team.


Designed to adapt

Salus desktop and mobile user interface examples.


Intuitive web & mobile UI designed for the needs of caseworkers and managers


Flexible CM workflow, forms & lifecycle to support individuals & families

Record Management

Full case records including incidents, documentation, service providers & referrals


Configurable dashboards for quick access to key process indicators and timely actions


Multi-language UI supports Spanish, French, Arabic, Portuguese, and others

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Choose your con­fig­u­ra­tion

Social Assistance

Supports intake, monitoring, services, tasks, referrals, alerts, notifications, and reporting

Family & Child Protection

Adds specialized workflow and forms for consent, protective, and legal services

Mental Health & Rehabilitation

Adds capabilities for counseling, therapy, and ongoing services for individuals and families

Foster Care

Adds specialized workflow and forms for foster families, placement, and adoption

Volunteer Management

Enables organizations to easily onboard and track the work of volunteers.

Custom Configuration

Salus will work with your organization to implement specific workflow and forms


Pick a plan

(Costs based on a 24-month agreement & $2K configuration & training fee)


$29mo (per user)

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  • BronzeTechnical support
  • BronzeCustomization
  • Bronze2GB Storage (per user)
  • BronzeCases - Comprehensive records
  • BronzeWorkflow & Forms – Configurable UI
  • BronzeReporting – Prebuilt & custom
  • BronzeDashboard – Configurable KPIs
  • BronzeMulti-language – Translated UI
  • BronzeExport – Export of records
  • BronzeImport – Import of records

Silver (most popular)

$49mo (per user)

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  • SilverTechnical support
  • SilverCustomization
  • Silver10GB Storage (per user)
  • SilverCases - Comprehensive records
  • SilverWorkflow & Forms – Configurable UI
  • SilverReporting – Prebuilt & custom
  • SilverDashboard – Configurable KPIs
  • SilverMulti-language – Translated UI
  • SilverExport – Export of records
  • SilverImport – Import of records


$69mo (per user)

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  • GoldTechnical support
  • GoldCustomization
  • Gold30GB Storage (per user)
  • GoldCases - Comprehensive records
  • GoldWorkflow & Forms – Configurable UI
  • GoldReporting – Prebuilt & custom
  • GoldDashboard – Configurable KPIs
  • GoldMulti-language – Translated UI
  • GoldExport – Export of records
  • GoldImport – Import of records